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Exit counselling/coaching

My many years as a management consultant have taught me two things in particular:

  • How important it is to find the right person for an open position.


  • How important the right job is for a person.


We can only be truly happy if we enjoy and fulfil our daily work.

We can make ends meet by earning money, but in order to enjoy getting up on Mondays, we need a job that gives us a sense of purpose, that motivates us and that suits our skills and life situation perfectly. 


There are countless jobs and job descriptions on the labour market. And then there are the jobs that you could design yourself.

  • So how do we find the one that suits us?

  • The one that turns our life in the direction of satisfaction?


The job that motivates us extrinsically and, above all, intrinsically!


This is exactly what I am your contact person for - and I am happy to be your guide.  

Whether it's a self-chosen reorientation, a job change due to redundancy, a career start or long-term future planning. We'll tackle it together.

With system, acumen and humour, we clarify in detail what suits you.

So that you no longer have to make yourself fit in.


Together we will find out:

  • What are your core competences?

  • What are your interests and passions?

  • Under what working conditions and with what kind of people do you perform at your best?

  • What are your values and what would you like to contribute to?


We put your uniqueness on paper with crystal clarity and use it to develop motivating career prospects.

We use your skills profile as the basis for your authentic self-marketing.

This is the basis for new, meaningful career decisions.

If you wish, we can also revamp your application documents and prepare you for the job interview. So that you are ready when your dream job is just around the corner.


And if there doesn't seem to be the right job for you on the labour market, I will help you to create your own personal dream job.


Interested? Get in touch with me!

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