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Business start-up counselling

Setting up a business is a complex topic that concerns founders in many areas.

Above all, it is important to transfer a good idea into a realisable project.

To do this, it is helpful and necessary to acquire the necessary expertise to turn the idea into reality.

For this reason, in my business start-up counselling I support the creation of the basic framework conditions for the business start-up, as well as the corresponding knowledge transfer, so that nothing stands in the way of the project.

A competent and transparent presentation of the project is particularly important in discussions with financiers, government offices, authorities and, if applicable, funding institutions.


The counselling includes the following components:


  • Company foundation

    • Legal forms, location, environment, registrations and authorisations, professional association, insurance.

  • Business idea and start-up analysis

    • Requirements (commercial, technical), formulation of business idea, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, risks), authorisation requirements, costs (private, operational).

  • Financial planning

    • Business plan, profitability analysis, funding opportunities, financing (own and external), preparation for interviews.

  • Laws and tax regulations

    • Legal approaches (BGB, HGB, UrhG, TMG (§5)), contract law, tax types (trade tax, VAT, income tax, corporation tax), accounting obligation/EA.

  • Marketing and sales

    • Basics of marketing and sales management, market and industry analysis, marketing strategy, sales strategy, online marketing, e-commerce, target groups, addressing target groups, franchising (opportunities and risks).

  • Organisation and structure

    • Business organisation (structure and process), business management (styles and personnel effects), personnel organisation, accounting (accounting basics, cost and performance accounting), office organisation.


At the end there is a business plan that can be discussed with the contact persons (sources of financing, authorities and offices) so that the start-up can take place.


Interested? Talk to me!

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