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Entrepreneurship is more than just running a business.

Company founders have an "entrepreneurial spirit", are courageous and visionary, but also hard-working, persistent, determined, willing to take risks and independent. This is the driving force behind their desire to be self-employed.


All of this is important, but equally important is a sound knowledge of business contexts and processes.

In addition to knowledge of marketing and sales, this also includes knowledge of operational cost accounting, operational service provision processes as well as process and management expertise.


Based on my 30 years of experience, I would like to convey both practical and theoretical teaching content with my transdisciplinary approach. 


As a pedagogical basis, I draw on the findings of Pestalozzi's teachings, who described the essential elements of successful learning with his head-hand-heart model. Here, cognitive elements (theory) are combined with psychomotor elements (practice, self-awareness) as well as affective elements (feelings, attitudes, values). This holistic view and the transfer to the operational framework enables correlations to be recognised and implemented in an application-oriented manner.


  • My range of services includes seminars and courses in the fields of

  • Marketing

  • sales management

  • personnel management

  • Cooperation management

  • Communication management

  • Logistics basics

  • Process organisation

  • Organisational development

  • (Digital) transformation management

  • project management


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